09 July 2014

quilt planning :: colour

Colour is important to me.   I often have colours in mind before anything else falls into place. 

I knew what colours I wanted the quilt to be months ago – I saw some illustrations of birds that had a similar palette of three main colours.  A bit of yellow, some grey, a patch of brown here and there.  I decided then that this quilt would be those colours.

The yellow I want is contradictory: bright but muted.   Lemon but a bit gold.  Sunny but cloudy.  The grey I'm looking for is a cool grey but not too cold.  Feathery.  Pebbly.  And I want a brown that draws the other colours together.  But doesn't overshadow them.  

I've been playing with my Pantone postcards to assist my colour research - I'm not sure how I ever coped before I had them.  So much fun.