22 October 2014

mending clothes, mending leaves

Lately I have been taking part in Slow Fashion Style: an online workshop run by Katrina Rodabaugh. I had high hopes as I've taken online classes with Katrina before and loved them.

 I haven't been disappointed - it's been thought provoking and encouraging and packed full of creative ideas.  My fellow participants have been equally as inspiring and there has been a great sense of community filled with like-minded people.

The first part of the workshop involved visible mending.  I used sashiko stitching to patch a hole in some old jeans.  I have also begun an ongoing mend of a holey cardigan by crocheting with grey yarn - I can see that I will keep coming back to it and fill more areas as it gets more worn.  

 In art, I am often drawn to the imperfect and decayed - I have written here before about mending natural objects and my ongoing project of collecting damaged and broken leaves that I then try to mend with crochet.  Thinking about the mending of functional items has been an interesting accompaniment to this.